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Sangamo Weston Ltd. Thermocouple RF Ammeter, RAF, 1943.

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Museums, Societies and Publications
North America
HMCS Haida: Wireless Office
  US Navy Radio Communications - 1950's & 1960's
  Rob Flory - WW2 Navy Radio
Southwest Museum of Engineering, Communications & Computation (SMECC) Proximity Fuse History
  Online Air Defense Radar Museum
Society for the Preservation of Antique Radio in Canada (S.P.A.R.C.) Museum
  Military Communications and Electronics Museum - Kingston, Ontario, Canada
  The Hammond Museum of Radio
The Maritime Radio Historical Society - San Francisco, CA
  The Ex-RAF Aerial Erectors' Association - including details of some earlier RAF antenna systems
History of Communications-Electronics in the U.S. Navy by Capt. L. S. Howeth, USN (Ret.)
  A History of the Quartz Crystal Industry in the USA, by V. Bottom (IEEE-UFFC)
  A History of Crystal Filters, by R.G. Kinsman IEEE-UFFC
  Influence of Ham Radio on the US Commercial Quartz Crystal Market, by Patrick Brown N7KRG (IEEE-UFFC)
The W9CF T-Network Antenna Tuner Simulator
HF-ALE - document approved for public release
The W9CF Transmission Line Calculator and other useful items
Tom Perera W1TP's Museum - Telegraph Keys, Enigma Crypto Machines, etc.
  The 1939 Radio Shack Catalogue - a far cry from today's RS!

U.K. & Europe
  UK Military Radios Group
  PRC-319 Group
  Pye Telecom History Group - Virtual Pye Museum
  The G8EPR Pye Museum
  Crypto Museum - crypto, radio, spy radios and telecoms
  Eddystone Radio User Group
  Defence Electronics History Society
  Vintage and Military Amateur Radio Society and  VMARS Manuals Archive
Royal Signals Museum and RSARS
  Royal Air Force Signals Museum, RAF Henlow
  Bletchley Park and its Museum
  RAF Radar Museum
  Bawdsey Radar - the UK's first WW2 Chain Home (CH) radar site
  RAF Signals Museum, Henlow, Bedfordshire
  HMS Collingwood - the new website of the Royal Navy Museum of Radar and Communications
Duxford Radio Society - Imperial War Museum, Duxford, England
  The Wireless Set No. 10 - one of the world's first multi-channel microwave radio-relay systems
  Hack Green Bunker - a former Cold War site
Signals Collection '40-'45 (The Netherlands)
  PA0PZD's WW2 Signals Collection
Surplus Radio Society (Nederlands - Dutch)
  Museum Verbindingsdienst - the Royal Dutch Signals Museum
The National Valve (Tube) Museum - information on  British military (CV) and civilian tubes
  Acorn Antiques - an overview of the Acorn tube
JMH's Virtual Valve Museum - another U.K. tube resource
The Vintage and Military Amateur Radio Society (VMARS), U.K.
Museeradiomili - the French military and spy radio museum (in French & English)
Techmili - Design et objets techniques militaires (in French & English)
F6BIR Sud Picardie - la nostalgie, l'émission AM et plus
F6BLK - Bienvenue sur le site de Bernie, F6BLK: matériel radioamateur, récepteurs etc.
UKW-Berichte (VHF Communications) - German RF-engineering magazine for radio amateurs
Seefunk + Seeschiffahrt (Maritime Radio in the German Merchant Marine)
Hans-Jörg Pust's Seafaring and Radio Site - including Norddeich Radio (German & English)
Museum für historische Wehrtechnik (Museum of Historic Military Technology)
Museum für Nachrichtentechnik (Museum of Telecommunications Engineering)
Sammlung historische Messtechnik, Berlin
Links for the PRC2000 HF Manpack
  The History of Ericsson - Sweden's telecommunications giant
  Telephones UK - an authoritative website on the UK telephone network
  British Telephones -  UK telephone apparatus & systems
  The UAX Project - Unit Automatic Exchanges* in the UK and NZ telephone networks
   *Termed Community Dial Offices (CDO) in North America
  Review of UK Telephone Signalling Systems
  Light Straw ATE - a retrospective on the UK telephone network
  The Telecommunications Heritage Group (UK)
  Sam's Telecomms Index  (UK)
Fernsprecher Service - Telekommunikation zwischen Gestern und Heute
Fernmeldemuseum Aachen - Fernmeldetechnik von gestern zum Anfassen und Bedienen
Fernmelde-Museum Mühlhausen - DF3OE's Teleprinter Museum (in German & English)
Radiomuseum Rottenburg an der Laaber - German civilian and military radios (in German & English)
Sende- und Empfangsgeräte des Heeres - WWII German Army radio equipment
The Potters Wheel, Cornwall, England - military radio museum, manuals, swap ads
Arthur Bauer's Foundation for German communication & related technologies - in English, Dutch & German
  New exhibits at Arthur Bauer's new Klooster Museum (Dec. 2009)
Grön Radio (Green Radio) - a Swedish military radio site (in Swedish)
The Swedish Wireless Set No. 19 Group - in Swedish
The Russian RKK Radio Museum - military radio/wireline comms; domestic radios (Russian & English)
  The WS19 Group
British WW2 Artillery Communications
  The Radar Pages - all you ever wanted to know about British air defence radar
  Post Office Equipment for Radar - one of the world's first national digital data networks
  ON8PO's Communications Museum
Classic Broadcast - Burkhard Baumgartner's broadcasting site with classic German equipment
  Radiomilitari - Antonio Fucci's museum of military/spy radios & tubes
Petr Ourednik OK1RP's Green Radio Blog - information about Czech military radios (English & Czech)
  Bogdan, SP3LD's private radio museum - great panoramic view
SP3LD's private radio collection photos

Australia & Asia
  Tube Radio Australia
Ray Robinson's Restored Radio Museum
Kurrajong Radio Museum featuring the Redifon R145 HF receiver
The Airways Museum, Victoria - including radio comm/nav & radar
HRSA - Historical Radio Society of Australia
The Yokohama WWII Japanese Military Radio Museum (in Japanese, with some English)
Australian Military Communications in Vietnam (PDF)

Collectors (North America)
An interesting ARC-5 site - Don, W5OR's Military Radio Site. Also see: Spy Radio
  Bill Beech, NJ7P's Website
Tactical Link Systems - an excellent Military and Tactical Communications site
Brooke, N6GCE's Homepage and Military Information Page
W2EC's Collins, Military and "BA" Site
  AC7ZL's BC-348 Restoration Page Thales TR-VP-13 Manpack and PSU Pages
Breck, K4CHE's Military Radio & Boatanchors Page
K4XL's Boat Anchor Manuals Archive
Bruce, K1XR's Collins & Drake Page - including links to R-390, 618T etc.
WB4TUR: Collecting Military Radios
The Canadian Wireless Set No. 19 Website
  Jerry Proc VE3FAB's Home Page
Jerry Proc VE3FAB's Military and Maritime Radio Site
Radio Communications & SIGINT in the Royal Canadian Navy - by Jerry Proc VE3FAB
The Wireless-Set-No-19 Group: Website  Yahoo!Group
N5ARW's Boatanchor Radio Page
Real Radios Have Motors
AAFRADIO by Mike, KC4TOS: WWII Airborne Communications Equipment  alternate link
  Military Radio Collectors' Association
Military Radio Collectors' Group  - photos by Richard Dillman, W6AWO
  Phil's AN/GRR-5 HF Receiver Page
  Al Klase, N3FRQ's "Skywaves" Site - communications receivers, military radio etc.
  Brian, VE3UU's Military Radio & BA Site - including the "Diefenbunker"
  Terry O'Laughlin's Watkins-Johnson site - a must for WJ collectors/restorers!
  Phil, KA4KOE's "Green Radios Roundup" (QST, April 2006)
  James A. Moorer's site - click Boat Anchors for historic receivers
  hagelin - collection of spy radios and crypto equipment
Sheltered Communications Systems Restoration Site - Rockwell-Collins AN/TSC-60 & others

Collectors (U.K. & Europe)
Wireless for the Warrior - Louis Meulstee's superb site, specialising in British military radio
Keith's RACAL  Page
Another Racal RA.17 Page
  A concise description of the Racal RA.17
  PA8PDP's Racal Pages
  Ian, GM0UHC's Racal RA.17 Restoration
Another great Milradio site - including the Collins 618T and 651S-1
Jose, EB5AGV's Radio Page
Keith, G3XGW's Military Radio Page - featuring the 19 set
G4BXD, Ben Nock's site:   Military Wireless in the Midlands
  G4BXD Military Wirless Museum
  G4MSF, Keith Watt's Vintage Radio Collection
G4NCE's Vintage Military Wireless Collection
  G4PMY's Hack Green WebSDR
  Russian R161 Military Radio Truck Video    ND2X R161 Page   R161 Description
EI9GQ Homebrew Radio Page
  The Boatanchor Collection - military, amateur and commercial communications receivers
Menno, PE1LDZ's Military Surplus Radio Site - with many links to European dealers
Wammes Witkop's Green Radios Page - lots of  SEM-25 information
Helge, LA6NCA's Radio Collection - including German WW2 gear, in Norwegian & English
  Helge, LA6NCA's YouTube Videos - German WW2 radio gear etc.  Captions in English
  LA6NCA's R&S SAMOS VHF/UHF Receivers   
  Successor to SAMOS: R&S ESD  - go to page 8
LA9WNA's Radio Collection, Telemark, Norway - German WW2 radios, RAF 331 & 332 Norwegian Squadrons
LA7SNA "Feldfunker" Page   Kl.Fuspr.7 "Dorette" Manpack  in English
Niels Juel's German WW2 Radio Collection - one of the finest in Norway, incl. FuG10 test stand
Jan, LA8AK's Radio Communication Resource Page  (in Norwegian, German & English. Author sadly SK) 
Dr. Martin Boesch's Shortwave Radio Pages - consumer and commercial receivers (in German & English)
Profi-Empfänger Siemens E 311 (auf deutsch) - Swiss Army Communication Sets (in English and German)
K.P. Jung - Private Sammlung militärischer Funkgeräte
Empfänger E52b "Köln" - ein Spitzengerät aus den 1940er-Jahren - German post-WW2 tube-type communications and domestic receivers (in English) - DH4PY's Military Radio Pages
Wim van der Zwan PA3BVT - collector of  surplus radio equipment
PA3ECT's military radio page - including Harris RF-301 series
PA3ESY Vintage Radio Collection - military & civilian radios, test equipment (Dutch & English)
The IKØMOZ "Gray-Green" Radio Pages - Italian WW2 radio and communications equipment  - Not quite wireless, but...a fascinating German telephone collector site
Jogi's Röhrenbude (Jogi's Tube Shack) - German WW2 radio schematics, tube info etc.
Das Sendegerät 1000W KSG1300 der RFT Funkwerk Köpenick - ein modernes Gerät aus der DDR-Zeit
Die Homepage von H.-T. Schmidt - German tube collector, incl. WW2 and GDR military tube types
AlexTubes - Röhren u. Geräte
  Kriegsfunker - WW2 military radio, mainly German
Mirko, S52PC - Old Radio Collection, including Western, USSR and Yugoslav military radios
  Mirko's Military Radios (Slovenia)
Wireless-Set-No19 Yahoo! Group
AF4K BA Directory  - links to military radio sites
IK1XPV's Russian R-326 HF Receiver Page - a 1960-era receiver which rivals modern sets USSR Military Tube Transistor Radio Gallery - unique images of Soviet-era military & civilian radios
Miro OM3CU's Military Radio Site - Slovak & English
  Frank Philipse's Vintage Radio site - including the RAF TR1143
  RxControl - an excellent French SWL/utility receiving website, including info on French HF receivers - an interesting site featuring R&S, Siemens & Telefunken radio gear
Museum NT - Museum für Nachrichtentechnik (Museum of Communications Technology)
Kees Stravers' WS19 Mk II and Mk 3 Images - also WS19 Accessories
  UK Air Ministry equipment numbers and Aircraft Radio Installation list - by M0GXB
  David Schofield's Radio Collection
  The Russian R326 HF receiver - by IK1XPV

Collectors (Australia, New Zealand, Asia)
VK2DYM's Military Radio & Radar Information Site
  Wireless Set A510, by Colin McKinnon VK2DYM (SK)
Kurrajong Radio Museum
Ray Robinson's Restored Radio Museum
Ray Robinson's Australian Radios, Information and Manuals Pages
Australian A510 HF Manpack:  Photo   Accessories   TX Schematic   RX Schematic
  The New Zealand Vintage Radio Society
Tom Cheng, VR2BB's Military Radio Site - featuring some superb photos
Shozo Miyagawa, JR3VKH's Site - including many military radios

Dealers (North America)
Fair Radio Sales Inc.
Surplus Sales of Nebraska Inc. - hard-to-find Collins and military parts
Toronto Surplus & Scientific Inc.
Columbia Electronics International Inc.
Murphy's Surplus Warehouse
American Milspec LLC - Electronics & Communications Surplus
Mendelson Electronics Co. Inc. - located in Dayton, OH
  S&G Electronic Surplus - military radio/electronics, collictibles & accessories
  Radio Esoterica - radio and test equipment
Sources for test equipment/radio dealers without websites

Dealers (U.K. & Europe)
Helmut Singer Elektronik - a leading German surplus electronics dealer (in German & English)
Kraus Nachrichten- u. Meßtechnik - a very interesting German surplus source
Rainer Förtig Elektronik  - Funk- u. Meßtechnik
Army Radio Sales Co.  London, UK
  Milradio - a well-illustrated UK dealer site
Baco Army Goods B.V., The Netherlands
Combat Radio Co. (U.K.)
Radiosurplus-Elettronica an interesting Italian surplus resource
  Stewart of Reading - surplus test equipment: HP/Agilent, Marconi, R&S, Racal etc.

Dealers (Asia)
B.M. Company, Japan (Japanese/English, including RT-662/GRC-106 LSB Mod)

Technical Documentation and Information
Milspec Communication Canada - Richard Lacroix's Military Communications Home Page
  Terry O'Laughlin's CEI & Watkins Johnson Information Site (including Racal)
  Sosin's Marconi Mishap and some little-known receivers - Michael O'Beirne, G8MOB
  Vintage and Military Amateur Radio Society (VMARS) Manuals
  Surplus Schematics Book Surplus Conversion Vol. 1 Vol. 2 Vol. 3
Richard, G7RVI's WS31 Page - mirror site
  Brooke Clarke, N6GCE's PRC-25 & PRC-77 Pages
  Plessey PTR3411 "Groundsat" tactical VHF repeater - a single-frequency real-time relay system
K4XL's Boat Anchor Manuals Archive - radio sets & test equipment
Unterlagen der Funk- u. Radargeräte der Deutschen Wehrmacht bis 1945 - Werner Gierlach, DL6VW
Funkempfänger der Fernmeldeaufklärung in den Aufbaujahren der Bundeswehr
  Kleinfunksprecher d (KlFuSpr.d) "Dorette" - the WW2 German Army's VHF manpack set
  The V1 "Buzz Bomb" ("Doodlebug"), including its radio guidance system - courtesy Göran Jansson
  Frank's Electron Tube Pages
  Frank's Electron Tube Data Sheets
Vacuum Tube Cross-Reference and Substitution List
  TB 11-2627-2 Cross-Index of Army VT Numbers and Commercial Numbers - U.S. tubes only
One Electron:  Military Radio Equipment Manuals and Schematics
MIL-STD-188-141B: Interoperability & Performance Standards for MF/HF Radio Systems
Das Gürtelpeilgerät - the WW2 belt-worn direction-finder used to hunt agent sets
  Foundation for German communication and related technologies
British Military Timepieces 1870 - 1970
  The South African Fuchs B25 HF Manpack - derived from the French Thomson TRC300
  Brian Carling's Boat-anchor Directory - including military radio links
  Dave Zantow's Radio Receiver Page - including WJ and other premium HF receivers
  Stoddart and the Radio Research Receiver - by Harold Layer, KK6HY
  Rugby Radio Station (British Telecom)  Tower demolition video
  H2S Mk 9A Navigation and Bombing System NBS - fitted to RAF V-bombers Victor, Valiant and Vulcan
  Designing the Giant Antennas  - a paper by AA4QY on VLF Submarine Comms
  The Wizard War: WW2 & The Origins Of Radar by Greg Goebel
  Introduction To Radar Technology by Greg Goebel
  FM, Land-Mobile Radio and the Amateur Radio Service - a brief history
  German WW2 Radio Technology - a presentation given to the North Shore ARC
  German WW2 SIGINT/COMINT - a presentation given to the North Shore ARC
  German WW2 Radar - a presentation given to the North Shore ARC  Magnetron Note
  German WW2 ECM - - a presentation given to the North Shore ARC
  From FuG 3 to CR100 & T1154/R1155: Erich Zepler, a major contributor to WW2 military radio
  The Wizard War: WW2 & The Origins Of Radar
  HF Propagation & Clandestine Communications in WW2 by Brian Austin G0GSF (by kind permission of Radio Bygones)
  Communications at the Battle of Arnhem - a white paper by John Berry
  Ray Robinson's Manuals Page - downloadable military radio manuals
  Weather Station "Kurt" - a German WW2 installation in Newfoundland! - Military Information HQ (click Equipment for radios)
The Air War over the Netherlands (in Dutch, some German & English)
  Huff-Duff: HF/DF (High-Frequency Direction Finding) in the Royal Navy

Cryptology & Computing
  Cracking the Enigma Code
  Codebreaking and Secret Weapons in World War II
  German Codebreaking of WW2
  Bletchley Park - National Codes Centre
  The National Museum of Computing at Bletchley Park
  Bletchley Park in WW2
  First Nations (Native American) Crypto   The Codetalkers
  The US Army Signal Corps' SIGSALY System
  US Code Breakers in WW2
  Cryptologic Technology - the Canadian Military Communications & Electronics Museum
  World War II: Intelligence
  Jerry Proc's Crypto Site   The Japanese PURPLE Code   More on PURPLE
  Code Breakers at Wheaton College, Illinois
  WW2 Code Breaking - courtesy G. Becea
  German Cipher Machines video
  The Russian FIALKA Crypto Machine
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