Earthquakes and Radio propagation

MDSR & RF-Seismograph & Earthquakes;
measuring shortwave propagation and possible correlation with earthquakes
using your own transceiver or receiver!

1.)How do Earthquakes create Electromagnetic Fields?


2.)A hole in the Ionosphere?


Earthquake affecting Ionosphere



3.) What is visible on the RF-Seismograph

      The different stages of the quake as seen by the RF-Seismograph

                (case study for M5.0 event, 256 km SW of Pt. Hardy  - N-Vancouver Island, BC)

Plot_Oct31toNov1_RF-Sesimograph_Lynn Valley-M5-0



Scientific American Oct. 2018: “Earthquakes in the Sky”

Earthquakes Canada:

Earthquakes World:

U.S. Geological Survey

Access to Study for 2017, 2018 (2019 is part of 2018) and Seismic data for 2017.pdf visible with RF-Seismograph 2018.pdf

Download and Install RF-Seismograph for Linux and Raspberry Pi



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