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Icom Users' Net: Sundays, 1700Z, 14316 kHz USB


In Memoriam: George T. Baker, W5YR

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The Icom IC-7610. Click for IC-7610 page.

My current station consists of an IC-7610 and an IC-7300, driving a Yaesu VL-1000 (Quadra) amplifier.  The antenna is a Cushcraft R8. 

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Click for Medium Term Business Plan 2026. Medium-Term Business Plam 2026 (FY 3/2024 to 3/2026). Click logo.


Upgrade the RS-BA1 suite to V1.96 (base installation required).

Click for IC-7300 main page.  The new IC-7300 direct-sampling SDR HF/6m transceiver. 
Click for announcement. The IC-7610, announced at Tokyo HamFair 2016. Test report.
The new IC-R8600 receiver. Click for link. The new IC-R8600 wideband multi-mode receiver. Click for link. Test report.
Click for IC-7850 APDXC page.  The IC-7850 at APDXC 2014, Osaka, Japan  FCC/IC certified 15 Jan. 2015
Click icon for IC-7100 page. Click logo for the new IC-7100 page. Read my IC-7100 User Review & Test Report.
Click for new IC-7410 page. Click logo for the IC-7410 page.
Click logo for the IC-905 page. Click logo for the IC-905 page. The IC-905 was unveiled at Tokyo Ham Fair 2022, 20-21 August 2022.
Click for IC-9100 Page. Click logo for the IC-9100 page. Take the Icom Wakayama factory tour, featuring IC-9100. Firmware upgrade!
Click icon for IC-9700 page. The new IC-9700 144/430/1240 MHz SDR Transceiver, shown at Tokyo Ham Fair 2018.
Click for IC-705 page. The new Icom IC-705 Portable SDR HF/VHF/UHF Transceiver, shown at Tokyo Ham Fair 2019.
Click for IC-PW2 page. The new Icom IC-PW2 1 kW LDMOS HF/6m Amplifier, shown at Tokyo Ham Fair 2019.
Click for IC-7800 Links Page. View the comprehensive Icom Japan IC-7800 pages. Click logo for IC-7800 links.
Click for IC-7700 page. Click logo for the IC-7700 page, with many links including my IC-7700 User Review and V2.0 Firmware. View the IC-7700 Promotion Movie. View my Dayton 2014 IC-7700 V2.0 presentation.
Click for IC-7600 Page. IC-7600 Page. IC-7600 at Tokyo Hamfair 2008. Compare IC-7600 to other Icom radios. View my IC-7600 User Review.
Click for new IC-7200 page. The new IC-7200 is at Dayton 2008! Have a peek inside. Get IC-7200 brochure.
Click for IC-R9500 page. (Link courtesy Dave, N9EWO) IC-R9500 receiver.  Visit IØGEJ's updated IC-R9500 page. Get the IC-R9500 brochure*. View Icom Japan IC-R9500 page. Get IC-R9500 User Manual. Check out Gary, ZS6YI's IC-R9500 User Review and interior photos as well as interior underside views..
Click for IC-756Pro III page. Click logo for IC-756 Pro III Page - technical summary, Pro III/Pro II comparison, articles, links etc. Read my IC-756Pro III User Review and facts on the new MOSFET PA Unit. Visit Don, AA5AU's IC-756Pro III Pages.
IC-756Pro II specs (Icom America site). IC-756Pro II brochure*, User Review, improvements and features*. "CQ Ham Radio" interview on Pro II. IC-756Pro II Technical Report*  mirror site
Click logo fior ID-5100A test report.  Click logo for my ID-5100A Test Report.  Download ID-5100A/ID-5100E brochure.
The new ID-51A/E PLUS2. Click for preliminary brochure. The new ID-51A/E PLUS2 D-Star handheld, now with Terminal & Access Point modes.

The new rules for the US 60m amateur band, per FCC R&O Nov. 18, 2011, and their implementation on current Icom HF radios.
IC-746Pro (IC-7400 outside North America). IC-746Pro (IC-7400 outside North America): Get IC-746Pro ARRL Test Results* (QST, May 2002) and Expanded Test Report* (ARRL Members-Only website). Compare IC-746Pro and IC-756Pro II. View IC-746Pro BPF Indicator. John, W3ULS' review of the N4PY IC-746Pro software. Lidio, IØGEJ's  "IC-756Pro & IC-746Pro".
Click icon for IC-7000 page. View the IC-7000 brochure*. Read IC-7000 main page. Visit Bob AB5N's IC-7000 Mic Mod page and Scott N7SS' IC-7000 FAQ.
Click for IC-703 brochure. Icom has discontinued the IC-703 HF/6m portable.  Download the IC-703 brochure*, user manual* and 60m* enabling procedure. Visit my IC-703 page.
Click for new Icom FAQ Site. Click logo for the Icom FAQ site on QSL.NET. View the Icom HF Comparison Chart.
Click for an article on compression. Why is 6 dB of compression desirable in SSB operation? Here is the reason.
The DATA Mode in Icom HF Transceivers
Click forfilter list. List of popular Icom filters, and their passbands. Read why 9 MHz & 455 kHz IF filters should be closely matched.
Click for external keying relay page. "Why do I need an external amplifier keying relay?"Read why.  [mirror]
Click for "Icom Oldies but Goodies". Shopping for an older Icom HF radio?  Look into "Icom Oldies but Goodies".
Click for "Random Notes on the IC-781". The "King of Beasts" - the IC-781. See Hidden FeaturesFilter Upgrade, ALC Fix and PSU Repair.
Choices: Used IC-781 or new IC-756Pro3?
Click for Sri, VU2SBJ's Icom IC-751A RAM page. Click icon for the Nardo EPROM RAMboard. Here are the PBT Mod for the "IF-Shift" IC-751A, and the PIEXX UX-14PX board.
Click for N2CBU's IC-R71A Page. Click icon for N2CBU's IC-R71A Technical Information Resource including RAM module info.
Click for larger image (courtesy R. Nardo IK2RND)

Replacement options for the EX-314 RAM board in your IC-751/A, R-71 etc.

Nardo EPROM/RAM board  Willco EPROM board  PIEXX IcomPROM board

Click icon for Icom KB article. EX-314 Battery Replacement: Icom KB Procedure [mirrorW9GB's Icom EX-314 Page
Click for PIEXX home page. Click logo for PIEXX home page.
SultanTronics Inc. home page. Click logo for SultanTronics - keying & receive antenna switching interface products.
NEW PRODUCT Replacement PCB for main tuning sensor: fits IC-735, 761, 765, 781, 275, 375 & 475.
The Idiom Press Inc. website, featuring the Logikey keyer. Click logo for Idiom Press Inc. - supplier of the Logikey CW Keyer, SCAF-1 Filter etc.

Click button for RadioWare, featuring the Front-End Saver product line by Gary Nichols KD9SV.  View Front-End-Saver and DXpedition II brochures*.
Click for Icom Service FAQ's. The Icom Tech Support Knowledge Base 
Click for Ekki, DF4OR's CI-V Pages. Ekki, DF4OR's CI-V Pages, including software and N4TXI's interface. Also: Commander.
Download the CI-V Reference Manual (3rd Edition, 1993). Interfacing* from Ham Radio Deluxe.
The PIEXX CIVUSB CI-V/USB Adapter. Icom CT-17 manual*.
Click for USB Port Setting Manual V1.0. IC-7300 and IC-7850/51 USB Port Setting Manual V1.0
Click for Download Page. Go to Download Page for Icom documents.
Click to download user manuals from Icom Japan site. Download Icom radio user manuals and firmware from the Icom Japan Support site.
Click for Icom America Documents Page. Download Icom radio user manuals and other items from the Icom America and Icom Japan sites
Prepare your Icom HF transceiver for 60m via the general-coverage Tx mod. But please stay legal! Icom radio info, 60m-ready mods etc. from
Click logo for CQHAM.RU site. CQHam Russia Site - documentation, mods etc.
Click for RigPix Schemstics 'n' Stuff. Get more Icom documents from the RigPix Data Base.
Click for George, W5YR's IF Filter Performance Page. Click button for George, W5YR's comparison of DSP (IC-756Pro II) and analogue (IC-765) IF filter passbands.
Audio Image, and Filter Bandwidth Settings, in the 756Pro/Pro2. Click icon for "Audio Image, and Filter Bandwidth Settings, in the 756Pro/Pro2/Pro3"
Click for "dBm from Heaven" "dBm from Heaven": exploit the band noise/noise floor margin for quieter reception.

N. Oba JA7UDE's archived reports:  IC-756Pro/Pro2   IC-7400   IC-7800 Workshop 

Click for Dave Z's Radio Receiver Page. Click button for Dave Zantow, N9EWO's Radio Receiver Page. Dave's News Page
Click for Heil Sound Inc. Click logo for Heil Sound Inc. website. View 756Pro-series settings for various Heil elements.
Click icon for "Roll-Your-Own" Mic page. "Roll Your Own" microphones for Icom radios.
Click for Mike, WA0SXV's IC-756Pro page. Click button for Mike Mellinger, WAØSXV's IC-756Pro page. Also view Mike's PW-1 page.
Click for IC-PW1 links. Click icon for IC-PW1 links. IC-PW1 PSU repair.
The IC-PW1 ALC output is 0 to -10V, negative-going, 10kΩ source impedance. WARNING: Do not connect the IC-PW1 (or any other solid-state linear amplifier) to any exciter not equipped with a compatible ALC input! This could damage the amplifier. Click icon for IC-PW1 ALC advisory (also applicable to other solid-state amplifiers).
Click for Matt, KK5DR's IC-4KL page. Click icon to download IC-4KL User Manual. Read Matt KK5DR's IC-4KL restoration article.
Click for Icom Japan English-language home page. Click icon for Icom Japan home page: EnglishClick for Icom Japan Japanese-language home page.
Click for IC-PS35 page. Click icon for IC-PS35, IC-PS30 and IC-765 PSU Page.
Click logo for Google Translate. Google Translate for on-line Japanese-English translation service.
Click for PS-125 service manual. Click icon for PS-125 service manual. Change the PS-125 mains voltage setting from 120V to 240V. Quieten the PS-125 cooling fan with Matt, KK5DR's PS-125 Fan Modification.
Click for Richard, PA7FA's new IC-756 LCD display module. View VK6HK's IC-756 LCD Page. Also: Johnny, VR2XMC's IC-756 FL-44A SSB Filter Upgrade. Ever speculate about the IC-756 family's heritage - especially the die-cast chassis/heatsink?
Connecting the Yaesu Quadra to an Icom Exciter. Click icon for an interface between the Yaesu Quadra amplifier and an Icom exciter.
DXLab Suite - a freeware rig-control software suite for Icom and other makes.
Here's where I once worked; now neither fan nor relay noise in my shack troubles me!
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